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Tampa Mitsubishi abruptly clears lot, closes its doors leaving customers frustrated

Tampa Mitsubishi abruptly clears lot, closes its doors leaving customers frustrated

TAMPA, Fla. Tampa Mitsubishi dealership abruptly closed its doors, leaving already frustrated customers wondering what to do.

"I believe something is going on, something isnt right," said Scharelle Mincey after she called for days and couldn't get an answer at Tampa Mitsubishi.

So Mincey decided to go there in person on Wednesday to ask questions about her warranty.

"And no one is here," said Mincey

The gates are locked, desks are empty and the cars are gone.

"Ive never encountered this situation before. I feel lost. I like Ive gotten taken advantage of," said Mincey.

Alexis Soldo also showed up about a refund on a warranty that she says has been owed to her since December.

"It's been since December. Now its May. They told us it would take around 8 weeks, and we never received the money," said Soldo.

ABC Action News found that The Better Business Bureau has an alert posted on their website warning people of a recent pattern of complaints against Tampa Mitsubishi, including the company not paying loans to lenders.

"That can ruin your credit. That can ruin peoples lives, so for a company to do that, that ridiculous," said Soldo.

We reached out to Tampa Mitsubishi and they gave us this statement:

"Recently, our ownership decided that for business reasons, we would close our Tampa Mitsubishi dealership. We have every intention of honoring all warranties and we are in the process of determining those relationships now. We have the contact information for our customers and we will reach out to each of them once the formalities are complete. We apologize profusely for the confusion this may have caused our customers."

But customers like Mincey, who says her car needs to be fixed now, want answers.

"I need some help. I need to know if I can get a warranty or get my money back," said Mincey.


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